Monday, December 31, 2007

Who's Lord in my home?

I remember reading Lou Priolo's book, The Heart of Anger. I only got through the first few chapters (typical of me), but that was enough to teach me a very important lesson. In the book, the author points out how insecure we make our kids when they become the center of our universe, instead of God. When we have a "child-centered home" instead of a "God-centered home," our kids learn that the world can and should revolve around them. They begin to feel insecure with our parenting. In fact, Priolo says this clearly provokes children to wrath.

I believe I have really seen this principle in my home. One of my children in particular, is very angry and even cruel, at times. But in all honesty, I can understand why. We have danced around his every need for many years, and now, he hates us for it. He knows we love God, but also believe he has the power to make us set aside our faith or relationship with Jesus long enough to appease him. It's a shameful thing to have to admit, but I believe our past is riddled with these truths.

On the flip side, I also believe that we've learned a valuable lesson in all this, and we're no longer willing to set aside our beliefs just to make him happy. My revelation some weeks ago that my commitment to the Lord includes raising my children, not necessarily making them love/like me, has given me so much peace and direction. The reigns are a bit tighter in our home, but this has provided a safer environment for our kids. And I believe my oldest is responding well to that, even if he'd never admit it.

So, as I look forward to a new year, I'd have to say that my word (something I got from the FIAR website) would have to be...LORD.

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3Esinapod said...

I enjoyed reading this post... I have a child w/ asthma, and sometimes it feels as if our home revolves around him. He can be very manipulative and even cruel at times if he doesn't get his way.

Thanks for reminding me my first responsibility is to my Savior!