Friday, December 14, 2007

Well, we're making progress, but boy does it hurt!

I realized last week that I would be seen as my son's greatest nemesis when I decided to push him to the limit and make him do the school work needed to get him into high school in Jan. But, wow!

He's very frustrated, for one thing. And I know he's grappling with a lot of issues. He' realizing that he waited way too long to kick it into gear. The lessons take an hour a piece, or more, and he's got more than 20 lessons to go. Plus, he's going to be required to do a ton of paper work. Book reports, essays, a power point presentation...things that he should have started two months ago, when I told him to. Do you know how hard it is for me NOT to say, "See? I told you so!" :-P But I haven't done that. Well,...when he's been very short tempered with me, and even given me a "Whatever," I have said something about him making this mess, so he's got to deal with it.

Some of his school work takes 10 or 11 hours a day, and I'm still not completely sure he's going to get everything done. His teacher/director at the learning center is willing to help grade his work over the Christmas break, too...which is so much more grace than he deserves. I can't imagine him not realizing how "on his side" we all are, but he seems to be blind to it.

So, we've got at least ten more days of hell before the deadline. I'm not even sure that the school is going to accept all his work, b/c if they look at the time it's taken him, they could decide he just has to wait until next fall, and even though he should be a junior (willing to be a sophomore), he'll have to enroll as a freshman. He'll be devastated, but I'm hoping he'll learn his lesson. If he fails, my prayer is he cries out to God. If he succeeds, I know he'll have lots of learning opportunities in his new school setting. As much as I love schooling them at home, I have so much peace about him enrolling in the public school. A first for us...and him!

Lord help us all ride through this season and remain standing on the other side. Amen!

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