Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why do teenagers just not get this?!

I can't believe some of the things that come out of my teenage son's mouth sometimes. Not just potty humor things or insulting his siblings, but offensive things to other people. He thinks it's funny and it's just NOT! When I was a teenager, I was so repentant when I'd hurt someone else with my words. It was always an accident, but my son is not like that. I'm being told that it's a teenage boy thing, but I'm not buying that.

So now he's said something to offend one of the ladies who lives in the ministry complex, and I told her to go to the director with it. He needs to see that his words have meaning, and that they WILL get him into trouble with others in authority if he doesn't watch it. This was a major offense. His mentor will be called in (we provide all of our residents with a staff mentor, even the kids in staff families) and they'll all discuss it together. He won't be disciplined by me or his dad. This offense is bigger than that.

Lord, my heart is broken over my son's inability to see the power of words, and his lack of compassion for the people he offends. Please show him that Your ways are so much better, and that he actually CAN control his tongue. I'm surrendering him to You, Lord. And that's so hard for me to do...but he's not listening to us...please, whatever it takes to cause him to finally listen to You. Amen.

Edit: The director of our facility and his mentor have spoken, and his side of the story paints a much better picture. I believe him, and that this gal was not innocent in her part, either. Thanking God for working things out.

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