Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Long Story, but God's Blessing!

Dh went for a 26 mile bike ride this morning, and when he got home, he showed me a wallet he'd found on the side of the road. The license was there, and so were several credit cards, etc. Otherwise, it was empty. (No cash! ) He brought it to me, and I called the owner (via telephone information) in another city in KS. He was relieved and said that it sounded like the money was taken but he was excited not to have to replace his driver's license. He'd be coming our way on his way to Manhattan today, and he'd drop by to pick it up. Great!

So, dh leaves at 11:40, thinking he'll drive by that same route and look around for this guy's money, just in case. Sure enough, he found $200+ and called me to tell me that when the guy got here, to make arrangements for him to get his cash from us. The guy had just left the apartment when Larry called, so I dashed out the door and flagged him down.

Dh turned around and came home (about 8 miles out) to bring the guy his cash. While we waited, this guy and I talked about Main Street, what he did for a living, about any local connections we might share, etc. I mentioned that we'd just come home from five days with our teenager in Michigan and told him a little about our love for Lake Michigan.

Dh came in just a few minutes later and handed this guy his money, a debit card that he was grateful not to have to replace, his social security card, library card, and several other cards his wife's been telling him to get rid of for years. LOL

Dh left in a hurry, now running a hair later than he'd like, and I ushered the guy to the door to leave. We'd actually had a great visit and I'm hoping they'll come around for a visit from time to time.

He then proceeds to tell me that he was just so impressed that we'd return his wallet and $$, that he wanted me to keep the cash. I tried to assure him that it was just not necessary to reward us for doing the right thing, but he insisted.

Now, what he didn't know was how hard these next two weeks were going to be on us, b/c we pretty much used up all the money we had (until next payday - 10 days away) and then some, to get to MI to see ds. We really haven't worried about it, we just knew it was going to be tight, and we were okay with it...the trip was worth some "tightness." *grin*

I just feel like God worked out a way when we hadn't really even asked for Him to do so. Feeling blessed to be His child right now! *happy tears*