Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Several years ago...

Annie Chapman recorded a song called, "Survivor." It was the cutest thing! I was a fairly new mom at the time, only had a 3yos and a 6mod, and the song clearly defined what my days were like...CRAZY!!

The song was certainly good for a chuckle! LOL But since that song came out, I've battled back and forth in my mind (and my personality) about which mother I am really most like; the one that strives for her children to consider her a blessing, or the mom who just drudges through each day, trusting that the Lord can make a better pie than I can with the ingredients I work with. ;o)

So, here's my new blog page, where I'll be sharing the "ingredients" of our days, and maybe we'll share a piece of pie from time to time.