Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Weird Summer for us!

This is definitely not the summer I envisioned last winter. I was planning on being out of the ministry apartment by now, for one. But we're still trying to pay off our debts, and it makes sense to be here where we love working, anyway.

I also wasn't expecting my 15yos to be so far away. If you've read any of my previous blogs, my oldest son and his father have been in a constant "teen feud" for most of the last year. He's not minded me either, but that's another post. Anyway, he's spending some time working with our friends who own and operate Shily's Promise Youth Ranch, still in its infancy. :o) It's a wonderful place, but it's almost 800 miles away. And I miss him terribly. He's doing very well there, and Jesus is restoring the years the locust have eaten while he's away. We're also working on how to make life better for all of us when he comes home, later this summer.

Speaking of which, the Lord is just so faithful to reveal and humble us when we let Him. I'm amazed at how much He's shown me these past six weeks, alone. It's the reason I've become more committed than ever to daily surrender to serving...the Lord, my family...especially my kids and their schooling...and the ministry of Main Street. It's meant releasing my business...which is really tough for me...over achiever out the wah-zoo!...but so freeing, too.

What else? Oh, dh is on second shift, and as challenging as that has been, it's really working quite nicely. He's here to help round up the kids in the morning and get them on task...and he's home early enough at night that we can still at least sleep the same hours. Not bad! ;o)

Had an interesting counseling experience last night. One of our sojourners was admitted to the hospital recently b/c of losing her temper and hurting herself. She claims to be seeing "things" in her apartment, and confessed to me that she turned her back on the Lord a long time ago and had a MESS of oppression from past cultic and occultic, plus plain immoral, behaviors.

So my mom and I spend a couple of hours praying with her in her apartment last night, and it was just awesome! Jesus cleansed her heart, and gave her freedom she hadn't known in years. The enemy is fierce and fanged when you don't know how powerless he this was so good for her. Praise the Lord!

Father, I continue to be amazed at how much You love me, my kids, and just people in general. You're a wonderful God and I cherish Your mercy and grace. Help me to remember how big You are in the midst of my circumstances, and the situations of others. I love You! - Amen.

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