Saturday, June 2, 2007

A typical Saturday at Main Street

I usually sleep in until 8am on Satudays. The kids use this day to eat a sweet breakfast (something I don't let them do on school days) and play on the Gamecube (which I really hate, but...). Dh is up and out the door before 8am, headed off to the men's Bible study breakfast that we have for our sojourner's here.

Saturday is foodbank day at Main Street ministries.

So from 9-noon, folks in need in our county can come and get a box of food (whatever we have on the shelves) to get them by for a spell. Up until the last couple of months, I've been labeled the "prayer partner" responsible for spending some time in the counselling room with each "banker." I pray with them, usually try to network them with other agencies that can offer assistance, and just get to know them and their situation a little bit. It's very emotionally draining, to be quite honest; many of them come with extreme loads of baggage, and very few of them really want to listen to my "encouragement." (Maybe that's how Jesus feels when I don't want to listen to Him. *gulp*)

Dh takes all the recyclable's to the center (only time their open for receiving).

The kids usually help, too. The oldest helps carry out food boxes, moves donated furniture if needed, and "hangs out" in the event there are other jobs to do. My 13yod works in the foodbank, too, packing boxes and bags, re-stocking shelves, and babysits for the volunteers who work in the foodbank.

My youngest, 8yos, just gamecubes and plays with the neighbors, for the most part.

For the last couple of months, dh and I have been taking a sabbatical of sorts. I haven't been working in the foodbank since the end of March, and he hasn't had a lot of the maintenance responsibilities to tend to. It's been a good break for us. We needed to work intently on our marriage and our kids, our oldest in particular. We've seen the Lord work on us alot these past couple of months, as He's faithful to do, when we allow it. :o/

This is my last official "day off" from the foodbank, or from MSM for that matter. I'm a little fearful about starting up in a more involved staff capacity. I tend to let myself get consumed very easily. And God has shown me clearly these last couple of months, what my priorities must be; my volunteer/ministry work is a ways down on the list.

Think I'll head on down there and see what's going on in the foodbank this morning. Just as a visitor....HONEST! ;o)

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