Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think I've decided what my blog is for.

I know lots of people go into their blogs daily and update the world on what's going on in their lives and families. It's like a public diary that helps other family and friends stay in touch. I think that's an awesome idea.

But in all honesty, I have to say that I'm pretty sure my blog is a place for me to come and gripe! :o/ It's embarrassing to admit, but it's true. I seldom feel the need or desire to come post a new entry unless I'm just having a really lousey day. And today is one of them. :o(

My oldest son is staying with friends over the summer in another state. It's like a 14 hour trip. We decide a couple of weeks ago that we'd try to put a trip together over the fourth so we could go visit him. Now I don't know how most other families live, but we pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. So coming up with money for a long trip is tough. Dh thought he had it worked out, but it's beginning to look like we're not going anywhere. :o(

We would take his little Mercury Tracer, but the clutch is going out. I called a friend to see if we could borrow a car from her (she owes me money so I'm thinking we could swap out, right?) and she's pretty sure her dh won't go for having his newer car away that far with someone else driving. I understand...I do.

I could rent a car, but that takes credit cards...those are still maxed out from the trip we took a couple of months ago to deliever ds to his destination. Then, we borrowed my mom's car, but she's going to need it next week, so we can't borrow that. And to top it off, I've gotten a couple of ugly "reminders" that I owe other people money.

I'm so sad right now. :o( How do other people always have enough for these little things? I want to see my baby but I'm beginning to doubt that we'll be able to do it.

Lord, I know I need to just be grateful...and I know you're way too generous to me already. But I miss ds and would really like to spend a few days with him. If it's not in your plan, that's okay. I'm sure absense will just make our hearts grow fonder. *weep*

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