Friday, June 1, 2007

If you read my post on the FIAR boards today...

...then you know how frustrated I've been all day. My dh sat down to work on the checking account, and just like every other time, hegot frustrated about how muchmoney we owe on our credit cards. Now, I'm taking a lot of responsibiliy for what we owe on those cards. Okay...I'm responsible for pretty much all the debt on those cards. I've used them to payfor business ads, for school books, to pay for gasoline while I'm on the road, for a yearly convention with the company I work with,...and in a perfect world, my plan was always to pay off what I'd used. But then my check would come, or his check would come, and we'd realize we could do little more than just pay the minimum payments. And, I'm glad I've got those cards. We came out of a horrible bankruptcy five years ago, and me getting and keeping those cards caught up and using them, has really rebuilt my (our) credit score.

But anyway, everytime we look at the bills, my wheels start spinning; how can I help more, what can I sell to get us out of debt? I am only working a few hours a week right now, and that's getting me close to fulltime income. I really am committed to being a full time mom, can't really work a whole lot more than I am already.

So today, I visited ebay and posted a book to sell, went into my library trying to figure out what I could bear to let go of. :-( But of course, I'm even thinking maybe I should stop schooling for the summer, find a full time job (for the summer), and use that income to pay off our debts. In the long run, it would probably a wise move, fiscally speaking. But, I purposely haven't worked outside the home for fifteen years. I hate it! But, for three months kids could stay with my mom (she's willing) and they could help her get her house ready to sell in the fall.

Until I decide, I'm still going to sell all the things I can possibly sell and apply that income to our cards. I am committed. Praying hard for the Lord to help me do this and then maybe I won't even HAVE to go to work for the summer. Of course, dh is not even aware I'm thinking this way. :o/

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