Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Trying a new schedule...again! :-P

Dh is back on second shift...NO...wait! He's on a different shift, but not really second shift...sorta after noon but before ten. :oP Anyway, that's a lot different than the old "up by five, home by 3" schedule he used to keep. And, since he's not home in the evening now, that changes my work schedule, too. I'm so proud of how well it's going so far.

Keep in mind that I am soooooo NOT a morning person! I want to be up late reading and watching movies, maybe a Frazier rerun from time to time...but now, I'm down and out by 11pm, at the latest.

So, here's what it looks like now:
6:30 - I'm up and working on coffee, chores and breakfast so I can be ready for phase II, which is...
7:30 - Bible time!
8-noon - I'm working my business. (and the kids and dh are really good about leaving me alone so I can truly work during this time...so proud of them!) ;o)

The kids are up and workin' on chores by 7:30, eating by 8:00 and ready to sit down with Dad from 9-11 to do reading and math. Plus, he takes them out for about 1/2 an hour to do some exercise of some sort; cycling, basketball here at the complex, and today it was tennis. :o)

I work on lunch from 11:30 to noon (still half-way workin' on my business...but listening on the phone mostly, so this is easy multi-tasking).

By then dh is out the door. Once lunch is cleaned up and the table usable for school, the kids and I start our Beyond/FIAR lessons. Today we working on Homer Price history; TV and Radio of the 1940's.

Fun fact: One of the neighbor girls my dd plays with was here this morning ans asked if she could participate in our "rowing." I told her she could, and she had a blast! We're lapbooking from the FIAR fold-n-learns for HP, and she really enjoyed it. She said several times, "I didn't know that!?!" while we studied about Orson Welles, the original radio broadcast of War of the World's , and the first TV's cost. It was so cute to see her (13yo) get so excited and make her lapbook with us.

But I got a real kick out of hearing her 16yo brother say the same things when he came in the apartment to get her after our lesson. "Wow! I didn't know that!" LOL! (And the real blessing from this is that this kid and my son got into a major KDDO last December...so I never expected to see him in my apartment,...and being civil!

Praise the Lord!

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