Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He's becoming a man.

I posted these on the FIAR forum's re: my 16yo's recent birthday. *sigh*

D'bomb is turning 16yo!
I can't even believe it. It seems like yesterday we drove across the state to pick up this tiny little five pound baby that would change our lives forever. Now, he's 180 pounds of solid awesomeness ;-) , and I can't stand it.

We have such a short time with them, Ladies. Let's don't waste a moment!

Something Sweet to Share!

Friday night, I allowed D'bomb to spend time with friends and see a movie and such. We couldn't afford a big party for his big day, so I told him that he could do a "guy night" on Friday, and spend Sat. night (the big day) with family...you know...his fave dinner, rent a movie, games he likes, etc. He agreed.

But Saturday, I realized that some of his friends wanted to do something with him, and I invited them all to join us for enchilada's and ch.chip cookies. One of his friends' mother actually made the dinner, so their family and ours shared a nice supper. (She also had a great idea for an inexpensive gift; sixteen days of celebration. Every day he gets 16 of something - one dollar bills, chocolate kisses, cheese sticks, whatever...so I'm doing that, and writing a personal card to go with each gift, too. )

But then D'bomb tells me that he and his buddies were planning to rent a movie or two, and watch it with one of his mentors (actually, the youth coordinator we work with in the ministry here). I was disappointed, but since his dad was working anyway, and I had lots of cleaning up to do, I didn't say much. I teased him about owing me a date, and off they went.

But a moment later I sat down at the table and just started ing. I wasn't angry or anything, just missing my little guy and realizing how much he's building a life that will soon have very little to do with me. He must have sensed my disappointment. Because ten seconds later, he popped his head in the door and said, "Mom...if you'd have said no, it would have been okay." I told him to go have a good time, and that I wasn't crying because he was deciding to be with "the guys," I was just missing my little boy. He said, "Speed Scrabble later, okay?" with a giant grin on his face.

I said, "You bet," and off he went.

It's funny...about the time I feel like I'm losing him, I start to realize he's closer than I thought.

Had to share.

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