Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Moving again! Yay...and Awwww.

Nobody enjoys all the hard work it takes to move. But, I'm actually quite excited. The volunteers here at the ministry have done a wonderful job of renovating, and actually creating, a new apartment. New kitchen, new utility room, new bathroom, and new carpet and linoleum. I'll post photos when we get all the cleaning done there so y'all can see it. And although I'm already swamped with a lot of work these days, I am very excited. Not only will that put staff on the main level of the complex (us!), but it will also be the newest and nicest apartment in the place.

The biggest perk for us will be that we no longer have to share a washer and dryer with other families in the complex. I don't mind so much sharing with them, but having to have a schedule, and not being able to wash everyday, any time I'd like, has been tough to get used to. Plus, other families will now be able to use the 12 hours that I've had the machines reserved for us each week. LOL! I'm sure they're all as thrilled as I am. :o)

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