Thursday, October 4, 2007

Attachment Parenting...Great for the kid...but what about the babysitter?

Now, it's been years since I had a baby in my home. My youngest will be 9yo this month, and his baby years were just a blur for me.

So, I told one of the gals in our complex that I'd be happy to watch her 5mos for a few hours today, while she got her teeth pulled out of town. No sweat right? :o/

Well, evidently, she has been practicing "attachment parenting" or something similar. Because this kid would not let me put him down! :oP I had to either be feeding, playing with, or rocking him constantly. He even fell asleep in my arms after taking a bottle and givin' me a few monstrous burps. But when I tried to place him on his blanket on the floor,...WAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaHHHHHHH!!! I mean a screech like you would NOT believe.

Now, don't get me wrong; I held and carried my babies quite a bit when they were little. But they usually just played by themselves in th playpen or crib until they fell asleep, ya know?

I whole-heartedly agree that attachment parenting is a wonderful thing...unless you're the babysitter. ;o)


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