Monday, July 27, 2009

What a difference a YEAR makes!

It's been a good long year since I posted an update about my family here. And the year couldn't have been much crazier. :oP '

I suppose the biggest change has been that I am now working full time outside the home. Yep! After 17 wonderful years of either working from home as an entrepreneur, or not working at all, I am now leaving my kids 40 hours a week. :o( It's been difficult to do, but we just didn't have a choice. My 17yos now attends public school, which he had actually decided to do before I went back to work, so he could play football. But I'm still trying to homeschool my 15yod and 10yos. This has proven to be quite a challenge.

For one thing, my mother is trying to keep the hsing kids on track with some basics while I get used to a new work schedule. When I started working in Feb. I was on a day shift, but now I work 12-hour shifts three or four nights a week. So me being in bed until noon several days a week is pretty common. But Mom does her best to make sure the kids are getting some basics done each day...or close to each day. ;o)

The sleep schedule is really tough, though. For example, everyone's in bed as I type this at 2:23am, except me. ;o) I probably won't go to sleep until at least 4am. Just can't do it. Then, when everyone's up in the morning...I'll be dead to the world. :o( I've been toying with the idea of letting the kids stay up almost as late as I do we'd wake together, but there's no way my mom could do that, and I really need her awake to keep the home fires from burning out of control. LOL

And I'm also considering using a "box" curriculum with the kids this year. Generally speaking, I hate the whole 'textbook-workbook-regurgitation' method of learning, and instead, we use unit studies. The kids enjoy them, too...not just me. ;o) But having lessons all planned out and easy to track right now...that sounds very appealing. :o/ Still thinking about that one. And, my 15yod is definitely getting a reading tutor this year...something my job can pay for. At least it's good for somethin.' ;o)

Well, off to work on the kitchen...yes, at 2:30am.

See ya soon!

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