Thursday, May 15, 2008

More moving photos

So now that I've got the dining room table moved in, and it's crowded by the enormous freezer :-P, I'm thinking it's time for a new table. My grandmother has given me her beautiful old table and chairs, but I've been afraid to get it in my home and discover we might not take very good care of it.
But maybe it's time.

I made these little memo boards myself, so just had to show them. I'd seen someone make them in no time at all on H&G channel a long, long time ago. When I discovered these boards in my mom's garage this week, I just couldn't resist. I am excited to have them hanging in my kitchen now. :-)

And here's what the school room looked like as we all began dumping our loads of books on moving day. Oh, my! You'll notice that the one set of shelves that's even remotely close to organized, is my FIAR shelving unit. LOL!

I'm happy to report that it looks much better now...but those photos will have to wait. :o)

And this is the very small living room. Not a problem, since we really don't do much living in there anyway. It's a cozy TV room more than anything else. ;)

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